Best Fighter Planes of Pakistan

Best Fighter Planes of Pakistan

The armed force is an essential part of any country for its security and well being whether its army force, air force or navy, parliamentary or strategic force. Each force plays an important role in the security and well being of the country. Just like army force which is known as military force stays at the border for the security of the homeland and nation, air force stays in air for the security of the country and nation. Air force works with the air crafts to provide the required defense and security.

Pakistan Air force is the 7th largest air force of the world. It is also the strongest & largest air force of the Muslim world. We are dependent on USA, French and Chinese fighter planes for the defense of the country and PAF has won many remarkable wars with their fighter planes. Just like PAF did this year in February 2019 when Indian fighter jet crossed the LOC and entered into Pakistan and our brave officer failed their mission. But unfortunately, a lot of our generation doesn’t know about the best fighter planes do our country has. In this post, we are going to tell you the best fighter planes of Pakistan by which we can defeat any strong attack.

Best fighter planes

  1. F-16 Fighting Falcon

The number one and the best fighter plane which Pakistan Air Force has is F-16 Fighting Falcon. This fighting aircraft was introduced by General dynamics. And the first-ever F-16 fighting plane was received in 1983 in Pakistan. This fighter jet is proven to be a successful air superiority fighter and best multirole fighting planes in all types of weather. The features of F-16 Fighting Falcon include single-engine, control stick which side-mounted, an ejection seat, a control system which is fly-by-wire, and for better visibility there is a frameless bubble canopy. F-16 is called a backbone for Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan Air Force owned total 85 F-16 fighting Falcons but 9 aircraft have been lost since 1986 during many accidents. F-16 has worked wonders for Pakistan Air Force and it is the best fighting plane in the matter of top speed, best radar, fast engine, and many more features.

  1. JF-17 thunder

The second best fighter plane does the Pakistan Air Force has is JF-17 Thunder. JF-17 is a multirole combat fighting plane developed and introduced jointly by Pakistan and China to strengthen the Pakistan Air Force and to give an advanced, cheap and modern technology equipped aircraft to Pakistan Air force. The very first JF-17 was introduced in Pakistan in 2007. And Pakistan Air Force has been relying a lot on it since then. And this year in February 2019, JF-17 has been proven to be the real hero because it helped to carry out a surgical operation by IAF and it failed their mission,  and without losing any fighting plane, it helped to hit the 6 various targets. The JF-17 III is going to defeat the F-16 too soon because of its advanced, integral and flexible avionics, better and advanced load capacity, and better electronic capabilities. Pakistan Air force owned 110 total JF-17 Fighter planes but in several accidents, it has lost 17 planes.


Pakistan has many more other fighter planes actively operated by Pakistan Air Force but JF-17 Thunder and F-16 fighting planes have proven to be the best the Pakistan Army Force has. All other fighting planes are going to be replaced soon with some more advanced, better and flexible avionics ones by Pakistan Air Force. With these fighting planes, Pakistan is ready to defeat anyone and is ready to answer any surgical strike. Pakistan Air Force is actively working hard for the defense and security of Pakistanis and Pakistan.

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