All You Need To Know About Home Security System

Do you want to give your home another layer of protection against any potential threats? It doesn’t matter either you live in your own house or rented a building for living, you should think about buying a home security system to ensure the safety of your family against threats or burglars. Not only home security systems provide security but also you can monitor your home, unlock electronic door lock, adjust the temperature of the home remotely and turn on the light.

Since there are lots of home security systems available in the market, finding the right one that fulfills all of your needs & demands can be a little tricky. That’s why we have brought a comprehensive guide on what to look for when buying a home security system.

In this blog entry, you will learn:

  • Reasons to Buy Home Security System
  • Types of Home Security System
  • Features of Home Security System

Let’s discuss further.

Reasons to Buy Home Security System

Following are some of the main reasons why you need to buy a home security system:

  • To Protect your Valuables
  • Make Your Neighbourhood Safe
  • Allow Remote Access to Your Home
  • To Keep an Eye on Kids

Let’s discuss each point in detail.

To Protect your Valuables

One of the main advantages of buying a home security system is to protect your valuables such as jewelry, electronics & another high-value item from burglars. A home security system comes with motion sensors & alarms, which can automatically activate when someone invades your home.

Apart from doorbell cameras, the new technology home security systems come with motion sensors. You can easily install them near glass windows or other potential entry points to trigger an alarm if someone tries to break into your house.

Make Your Neighbourhood Safe

Several research studies show that an increase in the number of home security systems in a neighbourhood leads to a decrease in the number of robberies in that area.

Even if people do not have a home security system in their homes they can be benefited from their neighbourhood who have installed home security systems.  

Installing a home security system at home sill not only protect you from burglars but also make your neighbourhood safe.

Allow Remote Access to Your Home

Most of the home security systems allow you to monitor each room of your home through your smart devices when you are not at home. By using these security systems, you can access all of your security cameras installed in your home from a remote location. The newest security systems also allow you to keep the light turn on or off remotely through the smart lighting features. You can also use other smart gadgets at home if you have installed the latest technology home security system such as thermostat controller, keyless door locks & many more.  

To Keep an Eye on Kids

Buying a home security system will also help you to keep an eye on your kids when they are home alone.

For example, if you are at work, you can use the home automatic system to remotely unlock the doors to let your kids in after they return from school. Likewise, you can also monitor your kids using your phone if you have to step out of the house because of some urgent matters. This way you can ensure that your kids are safe at home & you can freely do your task without any worry.

Types of Home Security System

There are many kinds of home security systems available outside. Here are most of the common alarm systems you can install in your apartment or home.

Wired Home Security Systems

These home security systems are cheapest among all as they use your phone landline to transmit signals to the monitoring center. These home security systems are affordable & need to be installed permanently.

However, the biggest con of installing the wired some security systems is that once you cut your landline cables, these security systems also became useless. Similarly, an abrupt change in weather o harsh weather also makes it hard for these alarm systems to connect with the provider. In simple words, wired home security systems became useless during harsh weather.

Electric Current Home Security systems

These home security systems are very basic. In these home security systems, a monitoring tool is installed near your doors & windows. These systems are usually installed when the house is being constructed.

In this home security system, an electric current security system is connected to the main switchboard of the house. It allows low voltage current to flow between two points. When the windows or doors are closed, low current voltage flows easily without any disruption but when either one of them is opened, the flow of current disrupted an alarm is triggered.

Unmonitored Home Security Systems

These home security systems provide an extra layer of defense to your home. They are also known as local alarms. In these home security systems, both audio & video alarms are triggered when someone tries to enter your home forcefully.

However, instead of alerting the security provider or authorities on its own, this alarm system relies on neighbours and owners to call for help.  

It is no doubt to say that these security systems are no comparison to modern security systems as they do not provide that level of security against robbers or intruders.  

Wireless Home Security Systems

These are the most commonly used home security systems nowadays. These security systems are rather easy to install as there are no wires involved. It comes with a control panel along with a range of sensors. These sensors are connected with a built-in radio frequency transmitter that sends a signal to the control panel to activate the alarm.

The wireless home security systems can also integrate with other smart home features like functioning the mart lights or monitoring the surveillance through smart devices.

Features of Home Security System

Thinking of buying a home security system & wondering what features to look in for when selecting the right one? We have compiled a list of modern equipment & cutting edge features that most of the home security system providers include in their product packages. The features & functionality varies depending on the coverage & price.

Let’s have a look at the features.

Doorbell Camera

As the name shows, a doorbell camera is installed near the doorbell of your home. A small camera is installed inside the home that allows residents to monitor & record who steps in the front of the house. It also allows them to speak with the visitor without opening the front door.

It is of great use as it helps to welcome the guests as well as to get rid of unwanted visitors.     

Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor is also an important part of the home security system as they can easily detect when intruders try to enter your home by breaking down the glass. The alarm function of such a system is triggered by loud noises & broken glass.

Door & Window Sensors

These sensors are triggered when someone tries to enter your home through a door or a window. They are the most important part of any home security system. These door & windows sensors not only protect your home from intruders but also your young kids from accessing off-limit parts of the home such as the terrace or balcony.

Spotlight Camera

A spotlight camera is used for catching the trespassers or intruders. It lights up the part where the intruders are using motion sensors.

Nanny Camera

Most home security systems also include a nanny camera, which is very important for a home with kids. These cameras help parents to keep an eye on both, their kids & the nanny. These cameras can also be used to monitor the aging parents in the home either they are doing okay or no in your absence.    

Motion Sensor

This feature of home alarm systems alerts homeowners when it detects motion in certain parts of your home. It can also be used to keep your pets & kids away from the terrace or balcony.    

Panic Button

If you have elderly parents or someone with a disability, then buying the security systems that include a panic button is strongly recommended.

This modern equipment is too small & weightless & can also be worn around the neck or wrist. In case of any emergency, the wearer can press the button to alert the authorities & homeowners when they are away from home.

Smart Home Integration

This feature is included in the high tech home security systems. This feature allows you to control the smart home device from a remote location with help of any smart device & help you to create a customized routine for your home.

These systems are also voice-controlled, making it easier for you to control.

Fire & Smoke Alarm

A fire & smoke alarm is also an ideal feature that must be included in the home security system you are going to buy.

These alarms go off when they detect smoke, fire, or an intense increase in temperature in the area of your home. The modern system also alerts the authorities on their own can save you from a big loss.


Home security systems are a must nowadays as the crime rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a home security system, it is recommended to research on different packages offered by different companies & compare the price & features. It will help you in choosing the right one according to your need & demand.

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Above we mentioned how the home security system works, types of home security systems & the features that are a must when it comes sto buying one for your home. If you have already tried any kind of home security system before, please feel free to share your reviews, opinion, or experience with us via the comments section below.  If you have any queries related to the article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to use & it will also help us in improving our blog. Hope this blog entry will help you in some ways. For more updates stay tuned to the  Good luck

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