A Glimpse on the Historical Places of Peshawar

Peshawar is the cultural & administrative capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is famous for its bustling food streets, crowded alleys and lively bazaars. The city undergoes many changes in past few years. The recent construction works are ultramodern Bus Rapid Transit System and the Ring Road Peshawar. Despite witnessing rapid construction and urbanizations, the city’s centuries-old history still stands tall. You will find about many historical places of Peshawar in this blog and also find the answer to the question of what makes Peshawar’s history so unique?

An Overview of Peshawar’s History

Before I jump to the talk of the historical place, let’s have a quick review of the Peshawar’s history. Peshawar city is founded in 15th century. It is the center of the trade for central, south and East Asia for hundreds of years. The remains of Buddhist activities are found in a recent discovery. The remains of the 5th century are also been found in the Peshawar. It proofs that the city is from ancient times.

Since it is the center of economic activities, Peshawar has witnessed the fall and rise of many empires including Roman, Sikhs, Hindu, and Muslims. The Achaemenid Empire, the Kushan Empire, the Hindu Shahis, the Ghaznavids, the Durrani Empire, the Lodi Empire, the Sur Empire and the Sikh Empire of Punjab are the names of the few.  The attraction of Peshawar is due to the remaining of these empires.

Let’s have a look at the historical places of Peshawar

The following are the most historical attractions in Peshawar:

  • Mahabat Khan Masjid
  • Sir Cunningham Clock Tower
  • Bala Hisar Fort
  • Bab-e-Khyber
  • Jamrud Fort
  • Shahi Bagh
  • Qissa Khwani Bazaar

Mahabat Khan Masjid

Mahabat Khan Masjid is counted among the most popular historical place in Peshawar. It is an amazing piece of Mughal architecture, reflecting the rich heritage of Mughal’s empire. The prayer chamber of the Mahabat Khan Masjid is decorated with beautiful floral artwork. It was constructed by Mahabat Khan, who was the Governor of Peshawar during Emperor Shah Jahan’s region in 1670 AD. The outer structure of the Masjid is also outstanding. Mahabat Khan Masjid has three domes with two 107feet height minarets. The iconic structure of it still stands with all its grace in the old city area of Peshawar.

Year Founded of Mahabat Khan Masjid: 1670 AD

Location of Mahabat Khan Masjid: Mohalla Baqir shah, Andar Shehr, Peshawar

Popular Eateries near Mahabat Khan Masjid:

  • Shahi Ronaq Restaurant: 11- minutes drive
  • Jalil Kabab House: 8-minutes drive
  • Nisar Charsi Tikka: 9- minutes drive 
  • Peshawar Khalis Food: 4-minutes drive

Sir Cunningham Clock Tower:

A clock tower was constructed in Peshawar in the 20th century by Sir George Cunningham, Governor of the northwest Frontier province to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, her Majesty of the British Colonial Empire. Peshawar’s Cunningham clock tower is locally known as “Ghanta Ghar”. The clock is located near Chowk Yadgar which is the oldest & busiest part of the city. It is also few minutes’ drives away from Mahabat Khan Masjid. Its architecture is similar if the other clock towers found in other cities of Pakistan including Sukkur and Faisalabad. Though this clock tower is very old it has not lost its charm with the passage of time. This clock tower still attracts and fascinates many historians.

Year Founded of Sir Cunningham Clock Tower: 1900

Location of Sir Cunningham Clock Tower: Sarafa Bazaar Road, East of Chowk Yadgar, Peshawar

Popular Eateries near Sir Cunningham Clock Tower:

  • Chowk Yaadgar Faluda Shop: 5- minutes walk
  • Nisar Charsi Tikka: 9- minutes drive 
  • Shahi Ronaq Restaurant: 11- minutes drive
  • Peshawar Khalis Food: 3- minutes drive
  • Sarafa Bazaar’s Food Street: 1-minutes walk

Bala Hissar Fort

Bala Hissar is one of the most attractive and fascinating destinations of Peshawar. The name Bala Hissar is from the Persian language which means “elevated or high fort”. It is used as a palace for the Durrani Empire until its destruction and reconstruction by the Sikh Empire of Punjab in 1834. The remnants of Balar Hissar Fort are well preserved.

You can watch the most amazing panoramic views of the alley from this fort. The Bala Hissar fort is looked after by Pakistan Army, that’s why no one is allowed to enter the building of this fort. However, you can get a closer look by climbing the elevated region around. You can also visit a small museum in its vicinity to get to know about Peshawar’s history and heritage.

Year Founded of Bala Hissar Fort: 1526

Location of Bala Hissar Fort: A few kilometers away from Kartay Now Road, Peshawar

Popular Eateries near Bala Hissar Fort:

  • Safi Chicken Sajji: 6-minutes drive
  • Asli Chenaar Kabab: 6-minutes drive
  • Capital Pizza Hut: 5-minutes drive
  • Samir Burger: 5-minutes drive

Bab e Khyber

Bab e cyber is one of the key historical landmarks in Peshawar. It is majestically standing at the entrance of Peshawar. The iconic structure has great national importance as is has been featured on a 10 rupee Pakistani note. It is among the most popular historical places to visit in Peshawar.

Year Founded of Bala Bab e Khyber: 1964

Location of Bab e Khyber: Grand Trunk Road, Peshawar

Popular Eateries near Bab e Khyber:

  • Afghan Restaurant: 9- minutes drive
  • Karkhanay Restaurant: 7- minutes drive
  • Asli Baba Restaurant: 7- minutes drive
  • Khyber Shinwari Tikka: 2-minutes drive
  • Sami A. Shinwari Restaurant: 7- minutes drive

Jamrud Fort

It is situated beside the famous bab e Khyber. It is a valued heritage site and is also known as Fatehgarh. It was built on the orders of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, which was the Sikh empire. It was built in 45 days with the help of 6000 soldiers under General Hari Singh’s command. As it was constructed adjacent to the gateway of Peshawar, it was served as one of the key strategic points by the Empire during fights with his enemies. It is among the most fascinating places in Peshawar. One needs to visit this place during his/her visits to Peshawar.  

Year Founded of Jamrud Fort: 1834

Location of Jamrud Fort: Off Grand Trunk Road, Peshawar

Popular Eateries near Jamrud Fort:

  • Karkhanay Restaurant: 7- minutes drive
  • Asli Baba Restaurant: 7- minutes drive
  • Afghan Restaurant: 9- minutes drive
  • Khyber Shinwari Tikka: 2-minutes drive
  • Sami A. Shinwari Restaurant: 7- minutes drive

Above we shared some historical and fascinating places to visit in Peshawar. If you know other places except these, feel free to share us via the comments section below or if you have any queries related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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