5 Toyota Cars under 15 Lakh

5 Toyota Cars under 15 Lakh

Looking for some Toyota cars under 15 lakh? Well, you are in the right place. As we all know that the prices of Toyota cars are very higher these days but Toyota is one of the most popular and reliable brands of cars. People love the style, exterior, interior and engine of Toyota cars. Here we are going to tell you 5 Toyota cars under 15 lakh in Pakistan which is worth buying as well.

Toyota Cars Under 15 Lakh

  1. Toyota Prius S 1.5 – 2007
  • This car’s price in Pakistan is PKR 1,425,000.
  • This car is an automatic model.
  • Its body type is a sedan. Its Engine type is hybrid.
  • The basic engine size is 1.5L. It has 16 valves and valve timing is variable. It gives 110 horsepower.
  • Its fuel type is regular, fuel capacity is 11.9 gal and its mileage is 79000 km.
  • Its Engine is 1500cc.
  • It is a 5 seater and comfortable car.
  • It has an electronic brakeforce distribution.
  • It has ventilated front disc.
  • This car has 4-inline cylinders.
  • Its drive type is front wheel.
  • This car has 6 total speakers.
  • Its interior is very comfortable.
  • This car tells low fuel warning, time and external temperature.
  • The car wheel type is Alloy.
  • This car comes in red, white, gray, black, beige, blue exterior colors, all are very attractive.
  1. Toyota Prius G 1.5 – 2007
  • This car’s price in Pakistan is PKR 1,350,000.
  • This car has 4-ABS brakes.
  • This car has automatic front air-conditioner.
  • This car gives manual child safety locks.
  • This is a 5-seater car.
  • This car has passenger air-bags.
  • Its engine is automatic, engine size is 1.5L, and it gives 76 horsepower.
  • It has 4-cylinders, and 16 number of valves.
  • It has 11.9gal fuel capacity.
  • It displays an external temperature.
  • It gives stability control and traction control.
  • It comes with 36 months of warranty.
  • The wheel type is alloy.
  • Wheel size is 15-17 inch.
  1. Toyota Corolla 2D – 2012
  • This car’s price in Pakistan is PKR 1,400,000.
  • Its body type is a sedan.
  • It is a very travel-friendly car.
  • It has better efficiency and performance which anyone needs in a car.
  • The interior design is premium compact and luxurious.
  • The dashboard is made up of plastic, rexine, and leather.
  • It has a multimedia system, air-conditioner and small containers for keeping stuff.
  • It has both automatic and manual gear.
  • The transmission is manual.
  • The engine is 1300 which gives 132 horsepower.
  • This car is a front-wheel-drive car.
  • The mileage of this car is 27mpg – 40 mpg varies in city and highway.
  • This car is available in red, black sand pearl, silver, gray, blue and white color.
  1. Toyota Corolla GLi- 2013
  • The price of this car is 1,165,000 in Pakistan.
  • The Engine of this car is 1298 cc.
  • It has a manual transmission.
  • Its fuel type is petrol.
  • This car has ABS-brakes, power steering, CD player, Central locking, AC, Tubeless tyres and Power windows.
  • This car comes in black, white, green, blue, silver and olive green color.
  • The interior of this car is very comfortable.
  • This car has 5 seats.
  1. Toyota Corolla Xli – 2013
  • The price of this car in Pakistan is PKR 1,450,000.
  • This car has a 1298cc engine and gives 84 horsepower engine power.
  • The fuel system of this car is sequential and the fuel type is petrol.
  • Its fuel tank capacity is 55 L.
  • This car has 4 cylinders and it has 16 valves. Each cylinder has 4 valves.
  • This car comes with front ventilated disc brakes and solid disc rear brakes.
  • The heel type of this car is steel rims.
  • The wheel size id 15 inches.
  • The mileage of this car is 12km to 16 km.
  • This car comes with electronic power steering.
  • The boot space of this car is 470 L.
  • Its top speed is 240.

The exterior and interior of this car are very luxurious.


These are 5 Toyota cars under 15 lakh which are affordable and worth buying. Toyota cars are very travel-friendly and give a very smooth drive. These are very comfortable so you don’t feel like you are traveling actually. We have given you some affordable and budget-friendly options for Toyota cars. Choose the best according to your preferences and enjoy.

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Above we shared some recommendation for your vehicles under 15 lakh. If you know other cars models that one can afford easily, feel free to share us via the comments section or if you have any query related to article or website feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Good luck

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