12 Toxin Skincare Mistakes that are ruining your skin

Skincare is a tricky method. After trying expensive skincare products & not getting the desired results leads you to depression & frustration. It may not be the product’s fault alone but your daily habits may be affecting your skin way too much. Read this article & find out the common mistakes you are making & try to avoid them.

In this blog article, you will also learn about:

  • How much time & money women spend on skincare on an average?
  • 12 skincare mistakes you are making
  • Skincare advise by the dermatologist
  • 7 Skincare ingredients you need to avoid

Let’s discuss each point in detail.

How much time & money women spend on skincare on an average?

According to a survey conducted by a skin Care Company, a woman on average spends 1000 to 5000 rupees monthly on skincare products & services. However, kajal, lip balm & sunscreen were their essentials makeup items & they prefer products from L’Oreal, Nivea & Maybelline. With time, women seem to use natural ingredients instead of chemical products available in the market. They started using natural ingredients for skincare treatment as skincare products available in the market contain chemicals that lead to skin aging & other side effects.

Is your skincare routine not helping in getting the desired result?

After spending a large sum of money, you expect a flawless & radiant skin but what you get is a rough skin with a few more pimples. So, what has gone wrong? Every skincare product tutorial promotes different tips & there the problem starts. If the tips are not followed properly, you need to say goodbye to radiant & glowing skin. It may be a simple mistake but the results are horrible.

12 skincare mistakes you are making

There may be certain methods or instructions you are following for radiant glow, believing that they are good for your skin & help in getting the results of your desire. However, these could be doing more harm to your skin. If you want flawless & glowing, make sure the following steps are not a part of your skincare routine.

  1. Using only water to wash your face

Water does not remove all the dirt & oil that is stuck to your face including the remaining of the makeup. However, you need to avoid applying soap on your face based on your skin type. You need to choose an appropriate face wash for daily use according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, you need to use a salicylic based face wash. While for dry skin it is recommended to use gram flour paste or face wash based on cleansing milk formula. Water is also necessary for glowing skin so, don’t cut the amount of water intake.

  • Using SPF makeup as sunscreen substitute

If your makeup contains SPF, consider it an added benefit. However, it is not a replacement for sunscreen. According to experts, for having the same result as sunscreen you need to wear 7 times the normal amount of foundation & 14 times the normal amount of powder. Applying or wearing too much makeup is unrealistic, so use sunscreen when going out.

  • Washing your face too much

You do not need to wash your dace so often. Washing every so often will harm your skin. Washing face is necessary but washing too much will get the oil removed from the face which causes the skin to overcompensate & overproduce oil.  

  • Natural is not always better

The information available on the internet may misguide you & also can be harmful to the skin. So you do not have to follow it blindly. Always check the authenticity of the information before following it randomly. For example, on the internet, it is said that using lemon juice can cure acne. Well, no doubt lemon contains the properties which are good for the skin. Lemon has acidic properties as well but using pure lemon juice messes the natural PH of your skin & you will get rashes as well. Moreover, sun exposure shows harmful reactions to your skin. Research deeply before applying any product. Always search for the pros & cons of a product or natural item.   

  • Not Moisturizing oily Skin

We all know the benefits of the moisturizer. But there is a misunderstanding that people with oily skin do not need to moisturize their skin as compared to people with dry skin. However, people with oily skin also need to moisturize their skin once in a while as their skin gets dehydrated because of sun exposure or for sitting too long in air conditioner, from constant washing or even from constant sweating. For oily skin always choose a water-based or oil-free product for moisturizing. Moisturizer is a must skin product for all types of skin but needs to choose based on the skin type.

  • Exfoliating too little or too much

Exfoliating is a must step but it needs to be done just right. When skin is scrubbed too often or too much the natural barrier of the skin stripped & it looks raw & red. However, if you are not exfoliating your skin daily, your skin becomes rough & prone to acne & clogged pores. The frequency of exfoliating depends on skin type. If you have rough skin, you need to exfoliate 4 times a week while for sensitive skin twice a week.

  • Wearing a Lighter coat of sunscreen with higher PSF

When you buy sunscreen with a higher SPF content, it is recommended to apply a lesser amount of it as compared to sunscreen with a lower amount of SPF. However, PSF only protects from UVB rays of the sun but nit from UVA. It means the sunscreen protects only form UVB rays, not from UVA rays. So choose wisely depends on your need & skin type.

  • Depending Too much on Lip Balm

Apply lip balm keeps your lip moisturize but certain ingredients available in lip balm such as menthol, salicylic acid & phenol can dry your lips further. To avoid this you need to apply lip balm over & over again after some time. Further, flavors & scents in the lips balms make your lips chapped because of continuous use. It is recommended to go for simple, mild & petroleum jelly based products.     

  • Enjoying extra hot water showers

A hot water shower makes your body relax after a tiring day. Some people also believe that a hot water shower kills the bacteria & germs on your skin. However, hot water wreaks havoc on your skin by disturbing natural balance, stripping off oily barriers which result in producing more oil. Hot water also dehydrates your skin & the harsh chemicals available in your soap harm your skin more. Always use lukewarm water for bath & must apply moisturizer after taking a bath.   

  1. Avoiding your daily coffee

If you are caffeine-addicted, it may be affecting your skin. You need to cut back the amount of coffee intake for better skin. Coffee contains antioxidants, which help in fighting against aging but you need a certain amount of it daily. Excess of caffeine is harmful to your health.  

  1. Drinking diet Soda

People believe that drinking diet soda is better than regular drinks but it is the opposite. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda can be a reason for your constant acne problems. The sweeteners can affect insulin levels & also change the composition of good bacteria in your gut. As a result, acne becomes more prominent on your facial skin.  

  1. Applying Acne Medication on affected areas only

While the medication helps in removing the blemishes but it does not prevent new breakouts. If your skin is acne-prone, apply for the medicine on all areas of your face.

Skincare advise by a dermatologist

Based on the experts’ opinions, we have collected some points. Have a look at these.

  • Skincare needs to start right from when a child can take care of his own. There are many skincare products meant for kids.
  • There are certain ingredients you need to look for in skincare products. For example, day creams need to be light moisturizers while night creams on the heavier side. And for sunscreen, do not just look for the SPF factor but also look at PA+++ as well.
  • If you are using derma cosmetic products, apply a little layer of the product all over your face.
  • For working women, you need to do cleansing twice a day, remove makeup from going to bed also apply sunscreen & moisturizer constantly.
  • Choose skincare products depends on your skin type.
  • Skin requires lifetime maintenance. Hence leaser treatment is not a good option. Follow daily skincare routine for long-lasting & better results.

7 Skincare ingredients you need to avoid

There is a long list of products you need to avoid but the following are easier to detect in skincare products.

  1. Mineral Oils

Paraffinic liquid, paraffin & white oil are commonly found in petroleum products & moisturizers. The coating of these products is similar to a plastic wrap. They can restrict skin’s ability to breathe & take in moisturizer.

  • Sunscreen Chemicals

There are many chemicals found in sunscreens such as homosalate, PABA, avobenzone, benzophenone & many more. These chemicals easily absorbed in the body through skin *& can cause cellular damage & hormones disruption. Instead of choosing sunscreen containing such harmful substances, choose a physical sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc content.

  • Talc

Talc is found in different skincare & cosmetic products. Talc increases the risk of ovarian cancer. It also caused breathing problems in children when inhaled accidentally. Chickpea powder, rice flour, baking soda, cornstarch, etc. are god alternatives of talc.

  • Formaldehyde

While choosing a perfume for you, ensure that it does not contain formaldehyde, imidazolidinyl urea, quaternion-15, Diazolidinyl urea, or DMDM-hydantoin. Because these substances cause skin irritation and are known as carcinogens.

  • Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils have antiseptic or antimicrobial properties that are good for health but sometimes they also contain geranial which is a contact allergen & harmful for skin. Carrier oils made from fatty plants are sometimes more beneficial for your skin as compared to essential oils.

  • Phenoxyethanol

It is an alternative to parabens but harmful for skin. It causes developmental & reproductive problems. Products containing this substance is banned in European countries & Japan.

  • dioxins

Dioxins present in antibacterial agents & are known as disruptors. They are known to cause harmful effects to various organs of the body & also cause cancer.

Verdict: it is not easy to always look for ingredients before buying a product. But you can avoid other harmful habits & regular mistakes that you are making without knowing. Such as:

  • Touching your face constantly
  • Not cleaning your makeup brushes
  • Not cleansing your pillowcase too often
  • Not tying your hair before sleeping
  • Sharing your makeup products

By following simple changes, eating healthy food & loads of water can help you to have radiant & flawless skin.  

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