12 Habits Sabotaging your Weight Loss

When you made up your mind to lose weight, certain habits hold you back from achieving your goal including the one related to your mental health & sleep. These issues act as a hurdle in achieving your dream. We have prepared a list of things that might be standing in your way of shedding a few pounds with the help of our registered dieticians.

Let’s have a look at the following habits.

  • Skimping on breakfast
  • Lacking Magnesium
  • Berating yourself for bad foods
  • Exercising only to burn calories
  • Letting your diet make you miserable
  • Not eating enough
  • Not tracking your intake
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Cutting out food groups
  • Ignoring your stress levels
  • Searching for answers in fad diets
  • Not building in novelty

Skimping on breakfast

The research on whether to eat breakfast or not is going back & forth. Some say breakfast is a must & some are in denial. However, registered dietitians often notice clients who eat light breakfast show low spirits. In particular, people who don’t take adequate protein at breakfast show low spirits because they are missing a key opportunity to replace the amount of protein that was broken down overnight. According to experts & dietitians, if you continue to skip breakfast your metabolism will sluggish.

Also, eating a little amount of fruit is harmful to your health. As the quantity won’t keep you full until lunch which may affect your body functions. According to a registered dietitian, when clients eat proper breakfast covering all the food groups especially the food rich in protein, they become more energetic, less irritable & more productive. It is recommended to take 20-30 grams of protein in breakfast. You can cover the recommended amount by taking hard boil eggs & cottage cheese.

Lacking Magnesium

Weight loss is not just about losing some pounds through exercise & diet. You have likely heard about how sleeping plays an important role in losing weight. Lacking magnesium in our body leads us to insomnia. We need a proper amount of sleep to stay healthy. If you have sleeping disorder try to eat food rich in magnesium such as leafy greens, tofu & almonds.  

Berating yourself for bad foods

You ate too many brownies & feeling guilty? You need to relax. Its okay, one-time food does not lead to weight gain. But if you eating continually & delaying your food control for days it will lead to health issues & weight gain.  

Exercising only to burn calories

Exercise makes you hungry. And the majority ate too much after exercising which is wrong. People try to eat more to compensate for the calories they lost while exercising. According to experts & dietitians, one needs to exercise for fun movement not for burning calories. Our body keeps healthy if we do exercise for fun. Try to play golf & do swimming as well for fun activities.   

Letting your diet make you miserable

We usually cut off our food for a diet or to lose weight.  Your emotional level also plays an important role when it comes to losing weight. If someone is having depressing & feeling sad it is hard to lose weight according to experts. If you are following a strict diet & unable to eat with your friends because of this, it will lead to serious physical & mental health issues.

Weight loss is connected to a positive connection. Relationships that are supportive &feel good are the key to our success & happiness. When you have someone who cares for you it is easy to lose weight.

Not eating enough

Diet & calories deficiency also lead to health issues. If you want to lose weight make sure you eat according to your body need. Cutting calories will not help you in losing weight. Track your food intake to find out what you need & what you need to eat more. Try to eat from all the food groups. Skipping food groups is unhealthy. You also need to take carbohydrates regularly in a small amount if you want to lose weight in healthy manners. Carbohydrates help you in doing your routine chores.

Not tracking your intake

Make sure you are eating healthy food. For this purpose, you need to track your food intake daily. Tracking the food intake will help you analyze what kind of food you are eating & are you taking the properly balanced diet including all the food groups? Sometimes skipping a food group becomes a hurdle for losing weight.

Setting unrealistic goals

You need to keep many factors in mind when it comes to losing weight. Weight loss depends on age, genetics, metabolism, stress level & hormones. You can’t achieve your goal just because you set one. A realistic goal will help you in many aspects. Try to set a goal depending on all the factors mentioned above.

Cutting out food groups

People usually want to lose weight by cutting food groups such as carbohydrates. Our food must consist of carbs, beans, fruits, grains, dairy, starchy veggies &, etc. The body works fine if it is in a healthy condition. You need to eat a balanced diet to have a healthy body. Cutting certain food groups also affects our metabolism. So, experts & dietitians always recommend eating all food groups & following portion control if you want to lose weight in healthy manners.

Ignoring your stress levels

For many of us, eating food while watching TV is a way to release stress. Well, doing it occasionally is fine but having it daily is dangerous. Stress also affects metabolism & gets in our way of achieving our fitness goals. It is better if you eat healthy food while watching TV. You can release stress by taking a walk, reading a good book & having a good time with friends. Try to use different approaches for releasing stress.

Searching for answers in fad diets

Trending diets mostly keep you from eating food from all groups. They involve a long list of instructions of dos & DONT’s. These trendy diets are harmful to your body. You need to have a positive relationship with food for a long-lasting result. You lose weight for not eating for a while but when you start eating again you face abruptly weight again issues.

Not building in novelty

It does not matter what kind of dietary plan you are following but if you have no consistency the results are null. You need to keep motivated yourself for following a diet plan or PC. Try out new recipes & food for a change & keep going on your journey.

Verdict: Followingportion control will help you in losing weight. Portion control is not diet it is a lifestyle.

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